Containment: can I buy a used car?

Go to a private individual to test drive your car before buying it? Normally prohibited during confinement! On the other hand, as Bercy confirmed to MoneyVox, you can buy a second-hand car from a garage or from a “pick-up” dealer.

Did you have a plan to buy or renew a car before the reconfinement? Or do you need to get rid of your current vehicle? Do restrictions on movement and social interactions due to confinement compromise this project? It all depends on whether or not you go through a professional.

What is prohibited: from individual to individual

“Today, it is not allowed to travel to buy a product from a private individual."Concise, this response to MoneyVox by the cabinet of Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, has the merit of clarity.The second-hand purchase" in person, "by going to the seller, is prohibited.However, for the purchase of a car from another private individual, it is obviously not possible to use the “parcel relay” points or the “delivery” services of the post office, as for the others.goods sold on Leboncoin or other classifieds sites.Breaking this rule, by going to a private seller, exposes you to a fine of 135 euros, and even more in the event of a repeat offense.

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The exception: the urgent and already concluded purchase

In its frequently asked questions dedicated to this new confinement, the official government website mentions the need to “recover a used car that we have just bought” from another individual: “Yes, it is possible to go look for a second-hand car bought from a private individual, on condition that you absolutely need this vehicle, for example to go to work.You must then tick the “essential purchase” box."But the government is referring here to a purchase already concluded (implied before confinement): it is therefore advisable to travel with proof, for example the initial announcement, dated, or the exchange with the seller, dated again, so as to prove your good faith in the event of an audit.

Posted Date: 2020-12-01

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