3 models of second-hand neo-retro for less than 5000 euros |.

Vintage motorcycles remain in the heart of motorcyclists. Today, retro design is trendy. Modern motorcycles are designed in vintage mode to revisit the mythical models of yesteryear but also to better adapt to the standards of coffee-racer. Here are 3 models at less than 5000 euros second hand.

Kawasaki W800

This vintage motorcycle includes all the aesthetic codes of the sixties: “sausage” exhausts, spoked rims, double combination of rear shock absorbers and fork bellows.Although some people see it as a copy of the Triumph Bonneville, the W650 and 800 from 2011 has nothing to envy to the others, and even if some models have a slightly worn out bodywork or tired electrical harnesses, the mechanics remain healthy.

On the road: smooth ride, soft suspension, natural driving position.

Triumph Bonneville

The instigator of the neo-retro movement, the vintage icon… We have enough to describe the Triumph Bonneville. Born in 1958 and reappeared in 2000, this motorcycle knows how to combine the charm of yesteryear with the comfort of modern riding.The lines are simple but still in the spirit of the times, although it should be noted that tall bikers will have to bend their knees quite a bit since the seat is low.

On the road: a stingy model in vibration.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Enjoy every kilometre you drive in peace and quiet, soak up the sound of the single-cylinder engine and melt into the soft seat. This model is particularly “cushy” and you immediately forget about sport.Manoeuvrable and lightweight, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 is a perfect fit for urban riders looking for a neo-retro style motorcycle at a low price. Since 2008, the Bullet has won an injection (no more kick starter and carburetor).

On the road: moderate vibrations, smooth ride.

What extra equipment do I need when buying a used motorcycle?

Depending on the condition of the used motorcycle, you’ll probably need to buy some extra equipment for the bike, because if the bodywork is no longer young, you’ll need to tinker with your bike a little.The same goes for the flattened and stunted saddle, you can give it a boost with a brand new one.depending on the model, you can reinforce or attenuate the neo-retro effect by making a few modifications (lights, mirrors, handles, fairing, fork head…).


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